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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

These are the days that make you want to cease living

Sorry to sound so depressing, but today was a crap-tacular day if I've ever lived one. One of those days when I truly empathize with those who the planet has decided to fling large, filthy handfuls of excrement at. Why so crappy, you ask? Well, it looks like I've been fucked over for a place to live next year. I sent my housing contract last week on Tuesday, in the expectation that through the Campus mail system, it would reach the Division of Housing and Food sometime before 5:00 on Friday afternoon, the deadline for it. I get a nasty e-mail today saying "we have cancelled your contract." I go over to DHFS and ask what's going on... for I had sent my contract with plenty of time. They say, "we haven't got your contract, so we cancelled it. And no, we can't re-open the offer. We've already offered your spot to an incoming freshman." I have a look of horror on my face, so they say they'll review my case, and get back to me when it's convenient for them. Oh, and if things don't work out, I have to wait till the FRESHMEN are accomodated before figuring out where I'm living. That means, that they might deny me housing in AUGUST, leaving me about a week and a half to find a place to live. I started crying and called my parents, who angrily called DHFS who exclaimed in their bureaucratic manner that it was my fault. Now what sucks most is that it probably is my fault. I think I may have forgotten to put a stamp on the envelope, in my naivete that cross-campus mail would automatically get sorted out (and that since it's cross-campus, a stamp isn't necessary). Nope. I now have to come to grips with the fact that I might have fucked myself over even more.

One thing I've learned: never rely on middle-men for the possibility is that they'll screw it up royally.

I've already resigned myself to living in Jester next year, if need be, but what I don't want is to live in perpetual anticipation, only to have them deal the blow "oh sorry, there's no space. we keep your $300 deposit, and you have to find another place to live." In August. That sort of statement would send me into a nervous breakdown from which I probably wouldn't be able to recover.

My problem is that I like to have things pretty much set, so I don't have to worry. This whole not-knowing drives me crazy. Call me a control freak, but it's my form of sanity.

I'm going to deal with my stress in one of two ways: eating massive amounts of chocolate and highly caloric foods, or knitting like a madwoman until the wee hours of the morning. The latter sounds less harmful to my body... who knows, I may just immerse myself in my studies for all I know.


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